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A limited number of FEBS Youth Travel Funds (YTF) Awards are available to support participation of early-career scientists in this event. These funds will cover the registration fee (including costs of all meals and shared accommodation in a twin room) up to a maximum of €650 per person.  The selection of applicants to receive FEBS YTF awards will be carried out by the Workshop Organizers, and approved by the FEBS Treasury Office according to the FEBS YTF eligibility criteria (also shown below).

Eligibility criteria for applicants travelling from the FEBS area of Europe and neighbouring regions:

  • The applicant should be not older than 35, should be registered as a PhD student at an institute of higher learning in a country where there is a FEBS Constituent Society or should be a postdoctoral scientist within five years of having completed a PhD thesis, working in a country where there is a FEBS Constituent Society;
  • The applicant must be a member of a FEBS Constituent Society and provide a valid certificate of membership (for FEBS Constituent Societies, see the Our Members section of the FEBS website);
  • The applicant should not have received a grant from the Youth Travel Fund to attend a FEBS Course / Workshop in the current year or previous year, nor a Bursary to attend the FEBS Congress in the current year, nor a grant to attend the FEBS Young Scientists’ Forum in the current year;
  • The applicant cannot be a resident of the country hosting the event;
  • For awards with travel funding, only travel within the FEBS area from the applicant’s current country of residence to the country hosting the FEBS event is supported;
  • Young scientists from the Organizers’ laboratories are not eligible for FEBS YTF awards.

Application and notification of outcome:

The YTF applicants must follow the instructions in the Applications and Abstract Submission pages and notify John Strouboulis by email (john_strouboulis@imbb.forth.gr) upon completion of the process. Deadline for applying for a travel award: June 23, 2019!

The selected candidates will receive a FEBS Treasury YTF form, to be returned to the FEBS Treasury at the latest 8 weeks (i.e. by July 22, 2019) before the event's start date. YTF grants will then be approved by the FEBS Treasury and will normally be paid by the workshop organizer at the event.

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